Far East heads list of reluctant nudists

Asian nudistsMore than 80 percent of Korean tourists reported feeling uncomfortable at nude beaches when travelling overseas.

Expedia, an online travel agency, conducted a survey on 11,155 tourists from 24 countries to arrive at the conclusion.

When asked for opinions regarding nude beaches, 81 percent of Korean tourists answered, ‘uncomfortable’, followed by Japan (75%) and Hong Kong (73%).
Conversely, European countries such as Austria (24%) and Germany (28%) were more comfortable with nude beaches and toplessness in general.

For those of us who have discovered the benefits and joys of naturism it seems a shame that such a large part of the world should be so reluctant to embrace social nudity, but I guess that cultural influences are not easily overcome. Maybe one day. . . Until then let’s just be happy that there’s more room on the beach for the rest of us!

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