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From a Nude Perspective: Religion and nakedness


Have you ever wondered why there is such a wide divergence of attitudes towards nudity in religion?
Isn’t it strange how some religions, including the world’s largest, positively loath nudity, yet other, equally ancient and valid religions such as Wicca have no problem with it or indeed actively embrace it? Certainly nothing in the Christian Scriptures specifically condemns the naked body: quite the opposite in fact.
I have a simple theory, and at the risk of outraging scholars and theologians who have far more knowledge than me, I‘m going to share it with you.
And it’s all to do with the differences between men and women and the control of the masses. 

Here then is the Gospel according to Liz

 The world’s four main religions evolved from ancient communities which were hierarchical and patriarchal in character, and traditionally deprecated women to some degree. Women were considered to be second class citizens, unfitted to make important decisions and totally subservient to the menfolk.
Being hierarchical meant that the tribe or community was ruled from the top down, with the king or chief at the very top, his family and advisers on the next rung down, the priesthood next, then everyone else. Everyone else, of course, being the ones who toiled in the fields and quarried the stone and did all the work that kept the place going—and allowed the upper classes to live in the style to which they had become accustomed.
Of course a hierarchical society only functions if you’ve got some way of keeping the plebs under your control, and it soon became apparent that the easiest way to keep a superstitious and unsophisticated peasantry in order was through religion. Promise them exclusion from heaven and eternal damnation if they ignore the preachings of the priesthood and they’ll walk through fire if you tell them that God desires it—and some Gods did.
And so in patriarchal, hierarchical communities religion was used to order society according to the will of the ruling classes.
Now, the ruling classes didn’t approve of sex, other than for reproduction. Or, rather, they did approve of sex, and lots of it, for procreation and pleasure, but only for themselves.
If the commoners indulged in too much hanky-panky they might be distractedfrom their duties and then who would do all the hard work? Certainly not the king and his cronies, and so it was written that sex for breeding was just about OK as long as you didn’t enjoy it, but carnality was a sin for which you would be condemned to hell-fire and everlasting torment, unless you were one of the nibs in which case you could go at it like rabbits and still go to heaven.
But if sex for pleasure was to be properly discouraged you had to go after its companion—lust.
And what was the main cause of lust? The naked body, especially the voluptuous, bewitching, beguiling wicked female body which could ignite uncontrollable passions in the poor simple menfolk and encourage unbridled lust and licentiousness, which would keep them from their work, ruin the economy, depress the stock market and generally bring about the end of the world.
And so it came to pass that nudity too became a sin.
These misogynistic, anti-sex and anti-nudity teachings became firmly rooted in all of the male dominated religions, (an acquaintance of mine calls them SkyGod faiths) where they live on as part of the accepted dogma to this day. Nothing to do with divine revelation. Just good old fashioned control of the masses.
The religions which allow or encourage nudity on the other hand have either evolved from the much older, (possibly neolithic) matriarchal beliefs (which my friend calls Earth mother.religions) or are more modern faiths which are less influenced by historical prejudices and ancient attitudes.
Neo Paganism generally emphasizes the sanctity of the Earth and Nature and usually incorporates the concept of both a male and female deity, with the female principle often deemed to be the more important. Fertility therefore is central to the belief system, and sex—including sex for pleasure—is seen as natural and desirable and is revered as part of the life cycle.
Similarly nakedness is considered to be wholesome and natural, and often forms part of the sacred ritual as it is considered to bring you closer to the divine; indeed, the Goddess herself is often represented in the nude. The body is sacred and extraordinary and is something to be celebrated and respected, and quite rightly so, in my humble opinion.
So now you know why some religions let you get your kit off, and some don’t.

Here endeth the lesson.

Asian nudists

South Korea to get Nudist Beach?

We’re hearing rumours that South Korea might get its first nude beach by 2017.
Apparently officials Gangwon Province are aiming to set up South Korea’s first nude beach in an attempt to boost the country’s east coast beaches, which lose out every year to the west coast in luring summer visitors from the capital Seoul.
This is not the first time the subject has been broached by government officials.
Gangwon Province tried to launch a female-only nude beach in 2005, while Gangneung City also deliberated, but ultimately scrapped, a nude beach idea due to public outcry. The same happened to a Jeju Island proposal in 2009.
Cynics see history repeating itself here, but if the country can push this through, (and re-aasure western visitors–especially female visitors–that their safety is a prime concern,) then Korea may be on to a winner.
Watch  this space.

Holkham Nudist Beach lost to naturism because of doggers.

The naturist section of a UK beach made famous by the film Shakespeare in Love is to close because of complaints over people having sex in public. Naturists will be banned from one of my own favourite nude beaches, Holkham beach, Norfolk, from 1 July.
This is a great blow to the UK nudist movement and yet more proof that the growing usurpation of legitimate naturist resources by doggers and similar filth offers a serious threat to the naturist movement going forward.
I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe we should find a way to name and shame them. Your ideas would be appreciated.
Full story here.

Russia Cracks Down on “Unofficial” Nudists

Russian nudists arrested

Russia Cracks Down on “Unofficial” Nudists:

The perils of using unofficial beaches! The normally tolerant (at least where naturism is concerned,) Russian authorities seem to be taking a harder line when it comes to stripping off at unregulated venues, as this news report of a police raid on an unofficial beach near Minsk indicates.
The moral of the story is stay on the official beaches unless you’re SURE of the position and the attitude of the local authorities, and remember that attitiudes can change over time.
Read the article here.

22 Best Places to Skinny Dip ( according to CNN)

Nude Woman at the Waters Edge

CNN might not be best known as avid supporters of the nudist lifestyle, but they’ve come up with a list of 22 of what they consider to be the best places to skinny dip worldwide. The post also contains a slideshow of of the dazzling locations mentioned.
Be warned! You might not need swimsuits, but you’re going to need deep pockets to take advantage of some of the places on offer!
The locations really are worldwide, and include  Japan, China, Croatia, the USA, France and loads more. Dear old UK only gets one mention, ( Lady Falls, near Brecon in Wales) but I can vouch for this one as it’s not a million miles from my home and I’ve used it several times. Unlike some of the others it’s free to use, but you’ll need to prepare yourself for the breathtaking coldness of the water when you take the plunge!
If you’ve used any of the places mentioned, why not  comment on your impressions?

Full artice here.

Where To Get ( Legally) Naked In Canada

I guess Canada isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of relaxing on a nude beach, but it can boast some world class clothes-optional beaches and yes, the weather is often plenty warm enough!

The law regarding public nudity in Canada is not straightforward. There are dozens of nude beaches across the country, though only a handful of them are legally recognized as clothing-optional beaches. Many others are unofficially recognized as clothing-optional beaches where authorities do not arrest nude sunbathers.
This article from The Huffington Post shows you where to go. . .

And now some good news!

The UK organisation The National Trust, owners of Studland Beach near Bournmouth, Hampshire, have agreed to the extension of the nudist section of the beach.
This follows a comprehensive clampdown on the “unsuitable” behaviour which had previously threatened the beach’s future.
Congratulations to the teams of genuine nudist volunteer wardens who patrol the nudist area to keep it clear of the filth which contaminates so many of our nudist areas, threatening their existence and turning public opinion against real nudism.
Now, just another 1000 beaches to clean up . . .!

Full story here

China Nude Beach Problems

China’s one and only nudist beach lies on Da Dong Hai (Great East Sea) beach, just only three kilometers from the popular resort of Sanya, where it has become increasingly common to see groups of people chatting and playing cards in the nude at the far end of the beach.
Although the fact that China’s rulers are able to tolerate some level of public social nudity is cause for optimism, there may be trouble ahead. The authorities are concerned that there is no signpost to inform tourists that the area is for nudists, and there have been reports of embarrassing encounters between clothed and nude beach goers.
Although the beach isn’t yet under threat of closure, China is a notoriously restrictive society, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the new leadership doesn’t decide on a heavy handed solution to this situation.
More here.

Yet another beach closure due to “fake naturist” behaviour

The Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin announced today that the nude beach near Mazomanie would be shut down on weekdays. The DNR said that the move was to combat the growing menace of so-called nudists having public sex and doing drugs in the woods.

More here 

My last three posts have been about closures and clampdowns due to the behaviour of people who I refer to as “fake naturists”, ( ie. the sex, swinging and flashing crowd who have hijacked our movement.)
I’m really, really, disappointed, and more than a little tired of fighting against these people. Am I fighting a lost cause? Does anybody else care? Or am I doomed to become a solitary nudist, restricted to the confines of my own back garden, having relinquished control of the beaches and resorts to the fakes?
Let me know your thoughts.

Nude Beach Closures; Is Pirate’s Cove next on the list?

Pirate’s Cove is one of the prettiest spots on California’s San Luis Obispo County’s southern coast, and one of the best nude beaches in the area. Up to now it’s always been a quiet, undeveloped spot passed over by the masses who head to Avila and Pismo.
That may all change in the next couple years as the county converts the area to a public park, complete with a paved parking lot, improved trails and restrooms.
Are we in danger of losing yet another fine beach?
Read more here: