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Great British Skinny Dip

naturist skinny dippingThroughout 2016 – and specifically from 2nd to 4th September – BN are inspiring people to strip off and take a skinny dip, to discover how being naked is good for you and to help change our country’s attitudes towards nudity and body image.

The Great British Skinny Dip has been organised to create an up-beat, health-focused, exciting event for anyone in the UK to take part in.

So what are you waiting for?

Check the website for more info.

Barcelona nudists call for more beach space

Nudist users of Barcelona’s popular Mar Bella Beach say they are being crammed into an ever smaller space and have called on local authorities to act.
While Playa de la Mar Bella is not technically a nudist beach, naked bathing is common place and accepted.
But now naturists claim they are being squeezed out.
Speaking to local television station BTV, nudist groups complained that flags marking out the beach’s nudist area had been moved 20 metres. They also expressed their displeasure at the large numbers of non-nudist bathers in the area and at the parties held at a nearby beach bar which operates in summer, arguing the presence of hundreds of drinkers made nude bathers uncomfortable.

UK Nudists disappointed at stripped beach ruling

Naturist beach, Budleigh Salterton - - 1417852 UK naturists have lost their bid to extend the clothes-free area of a favourite beach after the existing section was rendered “too uncomfortable” to sit on.
There had been calls to increase the length of Devon’s Budleigh Salterton’s nudist beach by 200 yards (183m), after the tide washed away pebbles and left hard “bedrock” behind.
But Budleigh Salterton town council argued it was possible to put a “towel or lilo down” within the existing section.
It voted against the move.

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Nudity is embarrassing sometimes . . .!

A combination of too much alcohol and sun left this Australian News Year’s Eve reveller red in more ways than one when he woke stark naked on a beach to find he was the centre of attention!

naked on beach

Photo: Chris Hopkins

Thousands of revellers had gathered on Melbourne’s St Kilda Beach to see in the new year. After a night of heavy partying, many slept over. Not all had the rude awakening experienced by this red-faced reveller.

Mature Brits like to let it all hang out!

Nudist over 50Fun-loving over-50 Brits are casting aside their inhibitions on holiday as they embrace the opportunity to behave badly, according to a new survey by travel insurance company Staysure, with six percent admitting to using a nudist beach whilst away.
The survey discovered that mature Brits aren’t nearly as reserved as the rest of the world believes, with body image, shyness and money woes all forgotton as liberated middle-aged Brits cut loose on holiday and get up to all sorts of misdemeanours that they’d never dream of doing at home.
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Moscow Closes Best Known Nudist Beach

Moscow nudists may soon lose their best-known and most popular beach in the Serebryany Bor natural park, as city authorities plan to expel the naturists from their traditional hangout in western Moscow and turn it into a regular beach.
The suggestion to transform the beach, which has been used by nudists for almost 30 years, is in line with a rapidly developing trend of promoting conservative values and banning anything that the authorities, often supported by the Orthodox Church, label as non-traditional to Russian culture, from what officials describe as gay propaganda to erotic scenes in the writings of classic Russian writers.
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Asian nudists

South Korea to get Nudist Beach?

We’re hearing rumours that South Korea might get its first nude beach by 2017.
Apparently officials Gangwon Province are aiming to set up South Korea’s first nude beach in an attempt to boost the country’s east coast beaches, which lose out every year to the west coast in luring summer visitors from the capital Seoul.
This is not the first time the subject has been broached by government officials.
Gangwon Province tried to launch a female-only nude beach in 2005, while Gangneung City also deliberated, but ultimately scrapped, a nude beach idea due to public outcry. The same happened to a Jeju Island proposal in 2009.
Cynics see history repeating itself here, but if the country can push this through, (and re-aasure western visitors–especially female visitors–that their safety is a prime concern,) then Korea may be on to a winner.
Watch  this space.

Holkham Nudist Beach lost to naturism because of doggers.

The naturist section of a UK beach made famous by the film Shakespeare in Love is to close because of complaints over people having sex in public. Naturists will be banned from one of my own favourite nude beaches, Holkham beach, Norfolk, from 1 July.
This is a great blow to the UK nudist movement and yet more proof that the growing usurpation of legitimate naturist resources by doggers and similar filth offers a serious threat to the naturist movement going forward.
I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe we should find a way to name and shame them. Your ideas would be appreciated.
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Russia Cracks Down on “Unofficial” Nudists

Russian nudists arrested

Russia Cracks Down on “Unofficial” Nudists:

The perils of using unofficial beaches! The normally tolerant (at least where naturism is concerned,) Russian authorities seem to be taking a harder line when it comes to stripping off at unregulated venues, as this news report of a police raid on an unofficial beach near Minsk indicates.
The moral of the story is stay on the official beaches unless you’re SURE of the position and the attitude of the local authorities, and remember that attitiudes can change over time.
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