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Taking the plunge -First-timer Benjamin’s story.

We recently received an email from Benjamin, a young man who wanted to tell of his experiences becoming a naturist. As it’s always good to hear about young folks coming into the movement, we invited him to write them for our blog, hopefully to inspire others in the same situation.  This is his story, in his own words.

taking the plunge into naturism imageMy transformation from a textile to a nudist was hard. I all began when I was 14. I heard about nudism and wondered what it was. I was intrigued by the fact that so many people from all walks of life could take off the clothes of the world and communicate and do everyday activities naked. I had always had thought I was very ugly and that people would judge me because i wasn’t very thin, or I wasn’t what the world wanted me to be. Learning about nudism, I discovered that everyone accepts people for who they are and there is no shame. Every human body is beautiful whether you are skinny or you have extra pounds. whether you are tall or short. when I turned 18 I decided to try nudism. Continue reading