Nudity banned on some Spanish nude beaches

nudist beach SAN PEDRO DEL PINATARIf you’re planning a naturist break on the nude beaches of SAN PEDRO DEL PINATAR on the Costa Blanca, Spain, you’d better go soon.

Because from July 18th, a new ordinance will prohibit a whole raft of activities, including nude swimming and bathing, on all of its beaches. Map here

The new ‘ordenanza de Uso y Disfrute de las Playas’ (ordinance on the use and enjoyment of beaches) prohibits the playing of ball sports on the beach or in the sea, urinating on the beach or in the sea (interesting to see how they’ll police this one) reserving space on the beach with towels and umbrellas, playing stereos, MP3s or mobile phones, animals on the beach and bicycles on the seafront.

Anyone found to be littering on the beach will be also be fined, along with anyone making improper use of the footpath, removing sand from the beach or washing in the sea with soap, surfing or other water sports in the direct bathing area, or taking boats of any description within 200 metres of the shoreline.

As far as I’m aware, talking and laughing are not yet prohibited.

The most controversial measure though is the banning of nudity on ALL beaches, especially as the Pintarenese coast offers nudist beaches such as La Llana – away from the rest at the end of the Parque Regional de las Salinas.

The Spanish Naturism Federation plans to take legal action against the town hall for abuse of power.

It says nudism cannot be banned on naturist beaches without a State law being passed first.
“San Pedro del Pinatar is the first town in Spain to ban nudism on every single one of its beaches – and the others who do so, just 10 in the whole country, only ban naked bathing on urban beaches,” the Federation complains.

We are sadly accustomed to seeing the closure of nude beaches because of the activities of the lewdists who inflame public opinion with their grotesque public performances. The possible loss of yet more nude beaches due to a hard-line stance by a local authority is even more worrying, although I’m aware that maybe the ban on nudity was influenced by some of the very behaviour I’ve just mentioned.

Whether any legal challenge to the ordinance has a chance of succeeding is debatable, but we wish the Spanish Naturism Federation the best of luck in their endeavours.

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