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Ireland to get First Nudist Beach!

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Kiwi Nudists support your Day Without Togs! (Tweet)

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Road Closure Affects Spanish Nude Beaches

If you’re planning to enjoy the nudist beaches along the beautiful but wild Mazarrón coast of Murcia, Spain, you’d better pack a stout pair of walking boots along with the sun cream.

Because from 1st July 2017, the nudist beaches of Playa Cueva de Lobos/Moreras, Playa Amarilla, Playa de la Grúa, Cala de Leño, Cala Desnuda, Playa del Barranco Ancho and Playa Hondón del Fondo are only accessible on foot or bicycle.

Google map here

In late June the municipal council of Mazarrón announced that the dirt track running along the coastline between Bolnuevo and the Cañada de Gallego beaches would be permanently closed to mechanised transport from 1st July 2017, limiting access to the stretch of wild and nudist beaches along this coastline to those on foot or bicycle. Continue reading

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Australias’ Nude Olympics moving to New South Wales

Queensland has lost a nudist event worth $2 million-a-year to New South Wales.

Tnude olympics photohe annual Nude Olympics, which pulls more than 600 people a year to Noosa’s Alexandria Bay has been cancelled. The Australian Naturist Federation decided on the move after police  started to fine nude men swimming in Alexandra Bay with wilful exposure. Nude women were not fined.

The event, organised by the Australian Naturist Federation, will now be held this March at Byron Bay, either at its legal Tyagarah nude beach or the north Belongil Beach. Negotiations have already  begun with Byron Shire Council to hold the 2017 Nude Olympics at Belongil Beach.

ANF spokesman Stuart Whelan – who owns a naturists’ retreat in New South Wales – said the decision meant several million dollars in accommodation and restaurant takings was now lost to Noosa.

“We are talking several million dollars that will no longer be going through the local economy,” Mr Whelan said.

The logic of the decision to begin arresting nude male bathers, but not nude female bathers is frankly bizarre. Not only is it discriminatory and sexist but it will cost the local economy dear. I can only assume it was taken to demonstrate a smug sense of PC-ness on the part of the authorities.

Yet another case of the growing sanctimonious puritanism which is becoming so popular right now? It is replacing common-sense and in this case costing real money.

Let’s hope the voters remember.


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UK Nudists disappointed at stripped beach ruling

Naturist beach, Budleigh Salterton - - 1417852 UK naturists have lost their bid to extend the clothes-free area of a favourite beach after the existing section was rendered “too uncomfortable” to sit on.
There had been calls to increase the length of Devon’s Budleigh Salterton’s nudist beach by 200 yards (183m), after the tide washed away pebbles and left hard “bedrock” behind.
But Budleigh Salterton town council argued it was possible to put a “towel or lilo down” within the existing section.
It voted against the move.

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“German nudist clubs shed more people than clothes” says president of DFK

At the nudist camp Germany has long been known as one of Europe’s – if not the world’s – most nudist friendly country, with social nudity practised almost anywhere, including urban public parks, riverbanks and lakesides.

Now, however, times are changing.

According to Kurt Fischer, president of the German Federation of Naturist Clubs (DFK), total membership for Germany’s 145 clubs have fallen two percent a year to about 40,000.  The largest contingent is currently in the 50 to 60-year-old bracket, and members under 25 have become rare.

Fischer blames radical changes in people’s working lives, with irregular hours making it hard to commit to FKK clubs and associations.

“Twenty years ago almost everyone had the weekends off,” he said. “Now in almost all jobs, we must be flexible and free time is dictated by the employer.

“This is a problem for organisations that have their own structures and that want to bring people together for an event at a specific time.”

He also cites the changing demographics of the country, pointing out that young people with immigrant backgrounds and from Muslim cultures, where the unclothed body remains taboo, have proven impervious to the lure of nudism.

No need to worry about the future of nudism in Germany just yet though.

Between eight and 12 million Germans still engage in nudism in the summer months said French geographer Emmanuel Jaurand, author of a comparative study on the nudism in Germany.

In his study, Jaurand concluded that Germany remains committed to “urban public nudity that is uninhibited and quiet” and “detached from any sexual connotation”.

So that’s alright then.

Full story here

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Caliente Nudist Resort accused of unauthorised use of images

Caliente nudist resortA bevy of models, Playboy playmates and stars of reality shows, feature movies and video games are asking a federal judge to award them more than $1.6 million in compensation for the use of their images without permission or compensation.

The case has been brought against Caliente Resort and Spa, a popular resort in Land O’ Lakes Florida, who, it is alleged included their photos on websites and other promotional items and continued with the unauthorised use even after being sent  a “cease and desist” letter in September.
The case continues.
Read more. . .

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Best destinations to get naked in Australia?

best bum competition at Maslin has come up with a short but diverting guide to what it believes are the best places in Australia for nudists and for those who just don’t feel like covering themselves up.
The recommendations include Naked bushwalking in the Blue Mountains, NSW,  a nude retreat in the Whitsundays, QLD, skinny dipping for the Winter solstice in River Derwent, Hobart TAS, baring it all at Twisting Peacock Yoga, Perth WA, and even competing for the best bum at the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games!
Read the full report here

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Moscow Closes Best Known Nudist Beach

Moscow nudists may soon lose their best-known and most popular beach in the Serebryany Bor natural park, as city authorities plan to expel the naturists from their traditional hangout in western Moscow and turn it into a regular beach.
The suggestion to transform the beach, which has been used by nudists for almost 30 years, is in line with a rapidly developing trend of promoting conservative values and banning anything that the authorities, often supported by the Orthodox Church, label as non-traditional to Russian culture, from what officials describe as gay propaganda to erotic scenes in the writings of classic Russian writers.
Full article here


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