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Caliente Nudist Resort accused of unauthorised use of images

Caliente nudist resortA bevy of models, Playboy playmates and stars of reality shows, feature movies and video games are asking a federal judge to award them more than $1.6 million in compensation for the use of their images without permission or compensation.

The case has been brought against Caliente Resort and Spa, a popular resort in Land O’ Lakes Florida, who, it is alleged included their photos on websites and other promotional items and continued with the unauthorised use even after being sent  a “cease and desist” letter in September.
The case continues.
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Celebrity Nudists – Matthew Fox

LOST actor MATTHEW FOX has revealed his love of going naked.
In an interview with a Mens Journal (in which he also confesses to having taken “plenty of illegal narcotics”) Fox declared:
“I’m naked outdoors a lot – I live in Hawaii – if naked outdoors means walking out to the pool naked and jumping in and walking back inside.”

Fox is well known for his love of skinny-dipping during breaks in the filming of LOST.

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Celebrity Nudists – Kate Hudson & Christina Aguilera

KATE Hudson loves walking round her house naked.

Kate HudsonThe 28-year-old actress says her mother Goldie Hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell brought her up to feel comfortable in her own skin and she finds shedding her clothes liberating.

She said: “My mother and father never gave a big deal about nudity in our house.

“I often walk around naked or just wearing panties.”

The Almost Famous star – who has a four-year-old son Ryder with her rocker ex-husband Chris Robinson – also insists she has no qualms about stripping on screen.

She added to Fabric magazine: “Actors are all supposed to be emotionally naked anyway.”
Kate is not the only star to enjoy baring all when at home.

Christine AguilleraLast year, Christina Aguilera revealed she and her husband Jordan Bratman spice up their marriage by getting naked every Sunday.

The 27-year-old singer confessed: “We have to be the cosiest couple around.

We have something called naked Sundays. We just do everything in the house naked. It’s important to keep the marriage alive, to spice it up a little.”

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