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Where to Go on your first Nudist Day Out

nudism in the wrong placeSo you’ve decided to try nudism for the first time…

Now what do you do? Whatever you decide, it has to be appropriate and legal, which usually rules out just stripping off in the middle of your street!
So here are a couple of suggestions.
If you’re sure that you’ll like the nudist life, and you’re prepared to make the commitment without a second thought, you can join a nudist club  or book your first nudist vacation and jump straight into the nudist lifestyle.
But what if you’re a little more hesitant? After all, who can blame you? Going nudist for the first time is a big step for a lot of people.
Maybe you just want to dip your toe in the water, without making too much of a commitment at first, so that should you decide that you don’t like it you can back out, immediately if you feel like it, without losing anything.
Does that sound like you? In that case you have two options.
1. To try a free open day at a nudist site.
2. To try a free nude beach.
Of the two options, number one is preferable for the following reasons.
Firstly, you will be in a controlled environment, where club rules ensure that standards of hygeine and behaviour are observed. The area will be well-screened for privacy and there will be at least basic amenities. Importantly, you will find that because the members will be keen to attract new members they will be friendly, open and welcoming.
The problem is that nudist club open days are not common, and if one occurs it might be hundreds of miles away. Also, it will be arranged for a particular day and date, which, even if you can make it may be cold and rainy and not really “nudist friendly.”  Nevertheless they do occur from time to time. Try a regular internet sweep for “naturist club open day” or something similar and see what comes up. Don’t hold your breath though!

Try a nudist beach

A more realistic option would be to try a free nudist beach, or lake, or swimming hole.
If you go for a nudist beach, the first and best bit of advice I can offer is to make sure that it’s an “official”, (i.e sanctioned by the authorities) nude beach. Or perhaps just  a  section of the beach, because whilst some beaches are all nude, other, larger beaches may only allow nudity in certain well-marked designated areas. Unless you know what you’re doing, using anything other than an official nude beach can result in some embarrassing attention from the law!
Some of the pro’s of using a free nudist beach are:
·1 There will usually be at least one on the nearest coast to you.
·2 They are free.
·3 You can visit whenever you want for as long as you like, and then leave whenever you wish.

Some of the “cons” are:
·4 They are largely unregulated. You may come across bad, offensive or inappropriate behaviour.
·5 They are rarely screened off and are accessible to the general public. You may suffer from gawkers, voyeurs, outraged non-nudists (even on official beaches) and similar menaces. Also watch out for the hidden camera sneak who films in secret then plasters his seedy little videos all over the internet. (Tip. To frustrate this shabby individual, place a large beach-bag at your feet when lying down. It prevents  him from getting his favourite shot.)
·6 It may be difficult to make friends with other beach users. (Tip: If this is a worry for you and you are looking for nudist friends try . Even if you don’t want to sign up for free you can leave a message on one of the free forums.)
·7 Many of them are difficult to access and have no amenities whatsoever.
It may seem that the cons outweigh the pros,  and nude beaches are places best avoided, but I’ve pointed out the potential problems for completeness only. You’ll rarely encounter all of the cons on a beach visit, and most often it will be trouble free. Just do your homework at places like www.,  peruse the beach reports and user reviews, then make your choice.
It’s the easiest, trouble-free and cheapest way of taking your first nudist steps.
Enjoy them. I guarantee they won’t be your last!

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Vacation Rental Company now offers Nudist Accomodation

Vacation Rental Company now offers Nudist Accomodation

For those who want to bare all on vacation, finding a place to stay might have just become just a touch easier., the five-year-old rental site with 120,000 homes to its name, offers rentals based not only on proximity to nude beaches but also preferred rentals for nudists.
These rentals are not cheap, but they’re of a very high standard, so check these out next time you want to get away from it all…including clothes.

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Go Classy Tours Announces “The GCT N-Resort Spooktacular”

N-Resort Resort the Newest Au-Naturel Resort in Jamaica will host the 1st N-Halloween Spooktacular! A week of Spooktacular Events and Ghoulish Fun for naturists.

Want more details about N-Resort? Go to for trip reports, photos, and so much more. or

Call (800) 329-8145 for reservations and Special discounted rates for this fantastic event.

Or email goclassy(at)goclassy(dot)com or gct(at)goclassy(dot)com for more information.

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Where to go Nudist in South Africa

Rebekah Kendal comes up with some ideas about where to get naked in South Africa. The article itself is a little giggly, and she doesn’t mention the magnificent Sandy Bay beach at Llandudno, Cape Town, but there are enough useful links ( one of which I couldn’t get to work!) to get you started if you happen to find yourself in that part of the world.

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New Zealand Nudist Park wins Tourism Award

Looking to go nudist in New Zealand?
Kevin and Joan Sampson’s naturist park in Katikati has just won the New Zealand Tourism Award for Best Holiday Park.
More on this plus a great TV interview at

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The Top 5 Nude Beaches In The World

The Top 5 Nude Beaches In The World
By Liz Boudreau

The very thought of heading for a nude beach gives many people the shakes. For others, it’s a natural occurrence and a natural consideration. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, they argue, why not head out in just that skin?
There are a variety of things to consider when choosing a nude beach. Many experts say location is one factor as you probably want some measure of privacy (and most nude beaches offer this). Other factors to consider are the age range of people who visit the beach (you’ll likely want to be with a group
around your own age) and other factors that really have to do more with your own comfort level.
If you are considering heading to a nude beach, why not head for the best? Here’s a list of the top 5 nude beaches, as chosen by the Travel Channel.
1.Montalivet, France.
This area is called the international birthplace of the naturalist movement. At this beach resort,
you can camp (most popular) or stay in one of the 172 bungalows. This is a family resort, so if it’s in your comfort level to include the kids, you won’t be the only ones. This resort features a wide variety of classes that range from soccer to yoga and everything includes the whole family. This gives new meaning to the term au natural!
2.Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
Famous for its many beach resorts, this area of Jamaica also includes the Couples Resort, which is an excellent start for the new nudists. The resort itself it not a nudist resort, but there’s a beach just offshore that’s for nudists. Featuring a pristine beach, private cozy nooks all around and a cabana bar, this island is private and safe, making newbies feel comfortable in their newly exposed skin.
3.Wreck Island, British Columbia.
This four-mile stretch of beach is so named because a huge wrecked sea vessel once inhabited the sand. At this friendly beach, you can enjoy the nesting area of the bald eagles, and know civilization is just a few steps away (the University of British Columbia is just a few hundred steps above the beach). One of the most lively parts of this beach is Vendor’s Row, where you can shop (in the nude) for souvenirs, handmade items and other goodies (including sunscreen, which you’ll need in abundance).
4.Samurai Beach, Australia.
Located in Port Stephens, this beach backs up to the clothing-optional Bardot’s resort. At the beach, you can enjoy nude volleyball, Frisbee, and tug of war. This is the spot of the famous Nude Olympics, which are held each year. Events include Nude Surfing, Nude Beach Girl and Guy Competition and Nude Torch Relay.
5.Hedonism II, Jamaica.
Yes, laid-back Jamaica can claim two of the top five nude beaches. At this clothing optional resort, expect a good party. There’s nude swimming, sunbathing and volleyball, as well as what the resort calls a “lush garden of playful passion”. Designed for playful couples and singles, the resort features a big party scene, lots of lush and delicious food and a nude good time all around.

About the Author: Liz Boudreau is a nudist with a passion for travel. She has traveled to and reviewed some of the best beaches in the world. See her latest review of topless beaches:

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