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The World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts

By Mike Charles, Judy Ditzler, and Nicky Hoffman-lee

The worlds Best nude Beaches bookcoverThe Naturist Society’s long-awaited sequel to the New York Times bestseller ‘The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts’ is a satisfyingly substantial book which takes you on a whirlwind tour of the world’s best nudist spots.

Reviewing 1000 “beautiful places to get naked” in more than 50 countries ( I’ll take their word for it. I didn’t count), it feels more like a TV documentary than a book and certainly covers an immense amount of ground. Such an ambitious project could easily have been a disaster, but it has to be said that on the whole the production team have pulled it off pretty well.

Given the scope of the book and the limitations of the medium it is inevitable that some of the entries are almost brutally concise, but even so all the salient points are clearly set out, including a brief description and “Practical info”, which gives directions, additional information and contact details where appropriate. The authors have even allowed for the probability that some of the information will become out of date over time, promising to publish updates on their website as and when they become necessary.

This is a very handsome book, beautifully designed and with nearly every one of over 300 glossy pages enlivened by superb photos from the likes of Charlie Simonds and others. Ironically, it’s these very photos that provoke my only criticism of this otherwise splendid book.

We in the naturist movement are constantly banging on to anyone who is listening that you don’t need a flawless body to become a nudist, and that naturism can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever shape or size. And yet nearly all the photos in this book feature beautiful young people who look like they’ve just walked off a Playboy photo-shoot. Aren’t we in danger of at best being hypocritical and at worst alienating potential newcomers who may have body-image doubts? Surely a liberal sprinkling of wrinklies and wobblies amongst the firm young bodies would be more truthful and accurate, and might encourage more first-timers? But then I suppose beautiful people sell more books.

Ah well. Perhaps I’m being a little curmudgeonly. It must be my age. Because that one caveat aside, this really is a very fine book indeed, and should be on every nudist’s bookshelf. The authors and production team deserve our thanks.

The World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts by Mike Charles, Judy Ditzler, and Nicky Hoffman-lee
978-0934106221 Available from Amazon