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Moscow Closes Best Known Nudist Beach

Moscow nudists may soon lose their best-known and most popular beach in the Serebryany Bor natural park, as city authorities plan to expel the naturists from their traditional hangout in western Moscow and turn it into a regular beach.
The suggestion to transform the beach, which has been used by nudists for almost 30 years, is in line with a rapidly developing trend of promoting conservative values and banning anything that the authorities, often supported by the Orthodox Church, label as non-traditional to Russian culture, from what officials describe as gay propaganda to erotic scenes in the writings of classic Russian writers.
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Russia Cracks Down on “Unofficial” Nudists

Russian nudists arrested

Russia Cracks Down on “Unofficial” Nudists:

The perils of using unofficial beaches! The normally tolerant (at least where naturism is concerned,) Russian authorities seem to be taking a harder line when it comes to stripping off at unregulated venues, as this news report of a police raid on an unofficial beach near Minsk indicates.
The moral of the story is stay on the official beaches unless you’re SURE of the position and the attitude of the local authorities, and remember that attitiudes can change over time.
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