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London’s first naked restaurant opens this weekend with 46,000 people on the waiting list

London’s first nude “pop-up” restaurant opened its doors to the public on Saturday (June 11th)

nude dining

Nude Dining (Stock Photo)

The Bunyadi, as it’s called, was first announced back in April, since when 46,000 people have applied for tickets, which cost £69 each. But The Bunyadi, open in a secret location for three months, only fits 42 people at a time.
The idea is that everything is naked – from the diners to the decor to the food, which is made with raw ingredients and cooked naturally. There’s no electricity and no phones.
“The idea is to experience true liberation,” Seb Lyall, the founder of pop-up company Lollipop which is behind the event, said in a press release. “People should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities.”
Whilst nude dining and naked restaurants and bars are by no means a new idea, The Bunyadi seems to have captured the public imagination in a unique way. Although I’m not a fan of posh dining au naturel myself, in the prevailing climate of new prudery it’s great to see a new nude venue opening up. I wish them every success.
Chloe Pantazi was there on the opening night. Read her report here


UK Nudists disappointed at stripped beach ruling

Naturist beach, Budleigh Salterton - - 1417852 UK naturists have lost their bid to extend the clothes-free area of a favourite beach after the existing section was rendered “too uncomfortable” to sit on.
There had been calls to increase the length of Devon’s Budleigh Salterton’s nudist beach by 200 yards (183m), after the tide washed away pebbles and left hard “bedrock” behind.
But Budleigh Salterton town council argued it was possible to put a “towel or lilo down” within the existing section.
It voted against the move.

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Holkham Nudist Beach lost to naturism because of doggers.

The naturist section of a UK beach made famous by the film Shakespeare in Love is to close because of complaints over people having sex in public. Naturists will be banned from one of my own favourite nude beaches, Holkham beach, Norfolk, from 1 July.
This is a great blow to the UK nudist movement and yet more proof that the growing usurpation of legitimate naturist resources by doggers and similar filth offers a serious threat to the naturist movement going forward.
I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe we should find a way to name and shame them. Your ideas would be appreciated.
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