#2: Nudism and the law

But isn’t nudism illegal …?

BendprotestTake care where you go bare!

There are large areas of the globe where getting naked in public will get you locked up.
Even in nations where nudism is tolerated, regional or state laws (or their interpretation), may be inconsistent, and behaviour that barely raises an eyebrow in one area may lead to trouble in another.
However, if you practice nudism in one of the western democracies like the USA, Europe or Australasia and you use your common sense, you should have nothing to fear.
Simple nudity is rarely actually illegal, and if you keep to the “official” venues, (nudist sites and resorts, and designated nudist beaches), and take advice from your national nudist association–at least until you’ve gained a bit of experience and can be a little more adventurous–you’ll avoid getting into hot water.
So my advice is to lose your clothes–but keep your head.

Adapted from The Complete Guide to Nudism & Naturism ISBN: 978-0956231321, which gives you much more advice, information and help on this and many other nudist topics. [More info].

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