#3: …or immoral?

Isn’t Nudism Immoral?


Wow, that’s a big question which I can’t answer for you. Only YOU can decide what you consider to be immoral.

Deeply held beliefs are not easy to overcome, and it would be wrong of me, and a waste of time, to try. My own view is that innocent wholesome nudity as practiced by REAL nudists is decent and proper and breaks no moral code. How can something made by  God – however you perceive Him or Her – be obscene or immoral?

So you must be guided by your own feelings and, if you have one, the teachings of your Faith.  I have many nudist friends who are also practising Christians, and they see no conflict between Christianity and nudism–quite the reverse in fact. However, other Faiths may not be so tolerant towards nudity.

So, it’s for you alone to decide, but remember…

  • Real Nudism IS NOT about sex, or pornography.
  • Real Nudism IS NOT degrading, titillating or crude.
  • Real Nudism IS healthy, wholesome, natural, joyful,  healing and relaxing.

Adapted from “The Complete Guide to Nudism & Naturism ISBN: 978-0956231321, which gives you much more advice, information and help on this and many other nudist topics. [More info].

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