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Book Review: Body Freedom Day

Body Freedom Day: When a Clothed-Minded World Unraveled.

Stuart Ward

This is one of the most original nudist books I’ve ever read, and although it’s only a little over 100 pages it punches well above its weight in the nudist genre.
After easing us into the book by way of a fairly conventional history of nudism, Stuart Ward catapults us forward from the present into the near(ish) future and writes as an old man looking back on an annual nude running event.
It’s an unusual device but a successful one, and if Ward’s purpose is to convince us that social nudity should be considered the norm and clothes-wearing an aberration, it serves his purpose well.
Although I found his use of abbreviated words a little jarring, the book is otherwise well written in a light, engaging style. On a recent vacation, and despite the combined distractions of sea, sun, snoozing and strawberry margaritas, I managed to read it almost at one sitting!
Recommended reading for everyone who doesn’t get freaked out by the nude body beneath their clothes.

Body Freedom Day: When a Clothed-Minded World Unraveled
Paperback: 117 pages
Publisher: Infinity Publishing (June 2004)
ISBN-10: 0741419459
ISBN-13: 978-0741419453