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Nudist Resort News – SuperClubs Travel Sale

SuperClubs is rolling out it’s 2008 “Super Travel Sale”! The average temperature innude at Grand Lido Braco nudist resort Jamaica is 82 degrees, so get out of the cold weather and go nudist!

When you travel during these “select dates” during the busy winter season, you will save hundreds of dollars! So hurry! Rooms are limited, and must be booked by January 31, 2008! (book here)

Hedonism II

* Gardenview Au Natural: $190 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/26 – 2/2, 2/17 – 2/23 & 3/1 – 3/8/08)

* Oceanview Au Natural: $213 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/26 – 2/2, 2/17 – 2/23 & 3/1 – 3/8/08)

Grand Lido Braco

* Royal Gardenview: $165 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/20 – 1/23/08)

* Royal Gardenview: $180 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/7 – 1/13, 1/28 – 2/2, & 2/23 – 2/28/08)

* Royal Beachfront: $210 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/28 – 2/2 & 2/23 – 2/28/08)

Grand Lido Negril

* Gardenview Jr. Suite: $200 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/21 – 1/25 & 1/17 – 2/1/08)

* Oceanview Jr. Suite: $210 per person per night
(Travel dates: 3/24 – 4/1/08)

* Beachfront Jr. Suite: $220 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/2 – 1/7, 1/27 – 2/1 & 3/25 – 4/1/08)

* Beachfront Cove Jr. Suite: $235 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/2 – 1/7, 1/21 – 1/25, 1/27 – 2/1 & 3/25 – 4/1/08)

* One Bedroom Suite: $290 per person per night
(Travel dates: 1/2 – 1/7, 1/21 – 1/25/08)


* Travel must be completed by 1/31/08
* Valid on land & air land bookings
* All rates are “per person per night,” based on double occupancy
* Guaranteed Single 150%
* Triple rate where applicable 90%
* Room category is based on availability at each resort
* Bookings are allow only for the specific dates ranges
* Valid for North American gateways only
* This promotion is not valid with any other resorts
* Spa promotion does not apply at Grand Lido resorts
* Hedonism Delights do not apply at Hedonism resorts
* Valid on group bookings
* Other restrictions and black out dates may apply
* Offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

This great offer is TIME LIMITED. Book your place now from
NFN Travel International

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Nudist Resort Report – Cap d’Agde, France

When “The Cap” Fits. My love / hate relationship with the “nudist city” of Cap d’Agde

My partner and I have just returned from Cap d’Agde, the famous nudist resort in the glittering South of France. Not so much a nudist resort as a nudist city it is one of the largest of it’s type in the world, and during the day the nudist facilities are superb. It is a clean, friendly, innocent and happy place, which for once lives up to expectations. I could write pages about our stay in Cap d’Agde nudist resort and still not tell the whole story. But, space and time are limited, and you wouldn’t believe half of it anyway.

So I’ll just say that the journey was murderous, the weather was great, the accommodation was good, the facilities were brilliant, the beach was clean, the nudist resort was amazing and the entertainment – both official and unofficial – was, umm… entertaining. Although there were nearly 40000 people on the nudist resort, there was none of the loutish behaviour that spoils so many other resorts, and even at night-time when the “demi -monde” emerged for their nightly revels, the atmosphere was always relaxed. good-natured and friendly.

It is a good place for children, but after dark you may want to avoid some of the more outrageous venues, or you might have some embarrassing explanations to make! You see, when night falls, the place loses its innocence. Wholesome nudity is replaced by outrageous exhibitionism, the bars and cafés feature near explicit sex-shows, virtually anything goes, in public, and the site becomes a sort of Sodom on Viagra.

In short, Cap d’Agde after dark is just the sort of nudist resort that we as genuine nudists should disapprove of and never go near again.

And that, my friends, is a problem.

Because I loved it!

And will we be going back? You bet!

What are your impressions of this nudist resort? Is it nudist family friendly? Why not leave your comments?

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Nudist Resort Report. Superclubs, Caribbean

 Prude or Nude? That’s the choice at the “SuperClubs” nudist resorts in Jamaica

By Steve at Caribbean Dreams

At the Grand Lido’s or Hedonism Nudist Resorts you can choose to stay on the prude side and walk a few meters to the nudist pool and beach or stay on the nudist side and be naked from the minute you leave your room to the minute you go back to bed. That is of course you if you want to miss out on the great entertainment and choice of restaurants to be found in the general areas.

All four resorts have excellent nudist facilities with pools that have bars and beach grills where you don’t even have to leave the pool to eat or drink. The most famous of these resorts is Hedonism II. Situated on the tip of legendary Negril Beach. Life at Hedo II centres around two private stretches of beach: one nudist, one prude, both fantastic.

Its not really fair to call the people on the prude beach prude, its just they have not yet experienced the delights of the nudist beach, most soon decide they are missing out and soon walk the few steps to freedom.

You can be as free as you want to be, depending on your mood. For a quiet, private moment, slip off to a shaded hammock with a good book or shed your inhibitions and join in the party on the nudist beach.

There’s no such thing as a typical day at the Hedo resorts, it’s all down to who’s visiting at the time. There are so many interesting people to talk to you never get bored. If you like to be in the thick of it why not join in the many beach games where entrants are rewarded with Hedo Dollars. These you can trade and at the end of the week you will so many you cannot possibly carry home all rum, tee shirts and coffee you have acquired.

For the active there is always plenty of sports, with very well equipped gyms, tennis, water-sports including Hobie cats, windsurfing and snorkelling. Diving is also available with pool dives and for the more experienced reef dives.

A very popular excursion is the nudist cruise to the famous “Ricks café” area at the far end of the 7-mile long Negril Beach. This takes place on a very large catamaran, stopping off along the way for snorkelling on the reef. At the destination the very brave or foolish swim ashore to the foot of cliffs and climb a ladder inside a cave to the top of the cliff. At this point you can either dive or leap off into the blue Caribbean or make a very discreet exit back down the ladder and hope no-one notices. Of course no nudist cruise is complete without lashings of Rum Punch and a singsong all the way back.

Across the road but on another bay is the Grand Lido Negril, this is billed as one of most luxurious nudist resorts ever created. When you arrive at Montego Bay there is a special SuperClubs lounge area and for some room categories the option of using the Lidosine, a luxury transfer instead of a mini bus or taxi. Grand Lido Negril has a Nude and Prude side with its own separate nudist area with private beach, pool and hot tub where you can stay nude all day. If you want breakfast in bed No Problem! with 24 hour room service. You can eat at the beach grill where they cook the most amazing lamb chops and Jerk chicken complimented by a great cocktail, beer or wine.

News from the resort is the luxury yacht M/Z Zein, formerly Princes Grace’s honeymoon yacht, has been retired from service after years of romantic sunset cruises. A large catamaran has replaced this for the sunset cruises. Another new feature is the torch lit beachside couples massage complete with champagne.

Over on the north coast you find two more resorts Hedonism III and the Grand Lido Braco. Hedo III is the newest of the Hedo resorts and tends to get more couples usually between the ages of 35 to 50 year old. Again the resort has non stop entertainment for the lively or quiet spots if you want to relax. Like Hedo II they have a full events list where groups meet year after year to meet old friends.

I have been told the Hedonism Resorts have the highest number of repeat clients of anywhere in the world so it just goes to show the popularity of the places. Some people are afraid of the image of the resorts but I have seen much worse behaviour at some our so called nudist resorts and beaches. Hedo is for fun and not taking life too seriously. From the world’s largest nude weddings to Playboy photo shoots there is enough to please everyone at Hedo. Singles are made to feel very welcome and are not left out of the fun and games. The entertainment staff soon see to it that you never sit alone or dine alone.

Hedo III is not as big as Hedo II but has newer rooms and facilities. The nudist beach is surrounded by board walks for sunbathing in peace away from the lively pool and Jacuzzi area. Around this area Pool volleyball, body shots and naked twister are all great fun to participate in. Hedo III has a great position on a low cliff where the sounds of the waves are very relaxing. They have excellent entertainment on stage in the restaurant area or outside for a Saturday night extravaganza with circus acts and the brilliant entertainment staff all performing like true professionals.

A short drive away is what I feel is the best of all the resorts: Grand Lido Braco. Braco is designed on a town, namely Falmouth and yes it is in the area of Trelwany (Cornwall) just like back home. Grand Lido Braco, where they created Jamaica’s first and only Super-Inclusive village, complete with gingerbread architecture and an authentic Town Square. Here, anything’s possible and everything’s included. 24-hour room service. Sumptuous cuisine. Premium bar drinks. Championship golf and tennis. Sailing, snorkeling & scuba. Scintillating nightlife. Perfumed gardens. Separate au naturel facilities. And, of course, one of the finest beaches on Jamaica’s North Coast.

The nudist side of the resort boasts possibly the largest swimming pool in Jamaica, it also has extensive grounds with hidden hammocks, spas and very much privacy. Just sit quietly and watch the humming birds, lizards and other wildlife. At night the jungle chorus with crickets and tree frogs is amazing. Of course you can just sit by the beach bar & grill, play a few games and get your all over tan without moving a muscle.

These four resorts mentioned are not nudist family friendly. They are for adults only so no screaming children to disturb the peace. If you want to go to Jamaica with your children and still want somewhere to get your all over tan, think about the Starfish Trelawny where they cater for the nudist family and have a separate nudist beach. This resort is on the north coast again in Trelwany close to Falmouth. Being a SuperClub resort it is all-inclusive and offers great value.

What are your impressions of this nudist resort? Is it nudist family friendly? Why not leave your comments?

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