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The Nude in Art -Literally

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Nude Cruise News – “Privates of the Caribbean” (Tweet)

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Are You a Nudist or an Exhibitionist? Take the Quiz

nudism or exhibitionism image

“Isn’t naturism just another name for exhibitionism?”
Of all the question that I get asked about naturism, this is one of the most frequent.
It's a good question. But is it relevant? Does it matter if you’re a naturist or an exhibitionist, or maybe a bit of both? Well, I guess it’s a matter of degree, but let’s not get too heavy and judgmental here—we’ll save that for another post. The point is, it’s a valid question to ask ourselves and although I’m not sure I know the answer, I think I know the difference.
And so I’ve put together this short little quiz. It’s based upon personal observation and experience only and has no scientific or psychological basis whatsoever. It’s just a bit of fun, but maybe it will also help us think about our own reasons for getting naked. Some of the responses are obviously in there just for laughs, however, all of the other responses are actual opinions and actions that I’ve seen and heard over the years.

Please answer all of the questions, even those which are aimed at either males or females. I can't figure out how to do an either / or option and the quiz won't work unless all questions are answered, so you might need to exercise a little transgender imagination here!

Now it’s over to you. Have fun!
Select one answer per question from the choices available.

1. You come out of the shower or bath. There are other people in the house. Do you:
2. Do you think that you have the right to be naked anywhere at anytime, regardless of the circumstances or other people's feelings?
3. You are a male. Your social media profile indicates that you have an interest in naturism. Would your profile photo be:
4. You are a female. Your social media profile indicates that you have an interest in naturism. Would your profile photo be:
5. You've gone to a nudist beach. It's freezing. The only other beach users are fully clothed. Do you:
6. You are not yet a practicing nudist. You've seen a TV programme about nudists. How did it make you feel?
7. You’re relaxing naked on the lawn of your naturist club when a group of textile trespassers wander in. Do you:
8. You’re at your nudist club. The temperature has dropped uncomfortably. Do you:
9. You're clicking through a “nudist” website. It's full of explicit photos of attractive naked people in provocative poses. How does this make you feel?
10. You’re relaxing naked on the lawn of your naturist club when you spot a pair of peeping Toms spying on you. Do you:

Congratulations: you’ve finished! To find out whether you’re a nudist or an exhibitionist or somewhere in between click the submit button below. But don’t take it too seriously; it’s meant to be a bit of fun and the most scientific thing about this little quiz is the computer you’re reading it on.

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Nudist Yoga Teacher Claims to Boost Women’s Sex Lives! (Tweet)

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Naturism makes you a happier person – official!

Happy nudists

By Albert Yam (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

What took them so long to find out?
Social nudity might make you happier, according to a new study from Goldsmiths University of London. 
Researchers surveyed 849 people, and found that those who had spent time in the nude outdoors with other people were happier, felt better about their bodies, and had higher self-esteem than those who didn’t shed their clothes. Continue reading

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Half of Brits would dare to bare.

MORE than half of British holidaymakers would consider going on a nudist holiday, stripping off to sunbathe or visiting a naturist beach, according to a new report.

The survey from the lastNudist Brit Girlminute.com website revealed that more than a third of British men (35 per cent) said they would consider naked sunbathing this year and 14 per cent would go on a naturist holiday.

However, for women the corresponding figures were 17 per cent and six per cent.

Around eight per cent of those surveyed had been on a naturist holiday, but a third (33 per cent) of self-confessed nudists admitted to keeping it secret from friends, family and colleagues.

The most popular reason to bare all on the beach was to achieve an all-over tan (42 per cent), while 21 per cent did it to “reconnect with nature” and a fifth (20 per cent) wanted to “step out of their comfort zone”.

Andrew Welch, from British Naturism, the UK’s umbrella organisation for the pastime, said: “For those visiting a nudist beach for the first time, the best advice is to relax.

“Enjoy the sensation of the sun, breeze and sea on your whole body and realise that no-one is worried about how you look.”

More here
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From a Nude Perspective: Religion and nakedness


Have you ever wondered why there is such a wide divergence of attitudes towards nudity in religion?
Isn’t it strange how some religions, including the world’s largest, positively loath nudity, yet other, equally ancient and valid religions such as Wicca have no problem with it or indeed actively embrace it? Certainly nothing in the Christian Scriptures specifically condemns the naked body: quite the opposite in fact.
I have a simple theory, and at the risk of outraging scholars and theologians who have far more knowledge than me, I‘m going to share it with you.
And it’s all to do with the differences between men and women and the control of the masses. 

Here then is the Gospel according to Liz

 The world’s four main religions evolved from ancient communities which were hierarchical and patriarchal in character, and traditionally deprecated women to some degree. Women were considered to be second class citizens, unfitted to make important decisions and totally subservient to the menfolk.
Being hierarchical meant that the tribe or community was ruled from the top down, with the king or chief at the very top, his family and advisers on the next rung down, the priesthood next, then everyone else. Everyone else, of course, being the ones who toiled in the fields and quarried the stone and did all the work that kept the place going—and allowed the upper classes to live in the style to which they had become accustomed.
Of course a hierarchical society only functions if you’ve got some way of keeping the plebs under your control, and it soon became apparent that the easiest way to keep a superstitious and unsophisticated peasantry in order was through religion. Promise them exclusion from heaven and eternal damnation if they ignore the preachings of the priesthood and they’ll walk through fire if you tell them that God desires it—and some Gods did.
And so in patriarchal, hierarchical communities religion was used to order society according to the will of the ruling classes.
Now, the ruling classes didn’t approve of sex, other than for reproduction. Or, rather, they did approve of sex, and lots of it, for procreation and pleasure, but only for themselves.
If the commoners indulged in too much hanky-panky they might be distractedfrom their duties and then who would do all the hard work? Certainly not the king and his cronies, and so it was written that sex for breeding was just about OK as long as you didn’t enjoy it, but carnality was a sin for which you would be condemned to hell-fire and everlasting torment, unless you were one of the nibs in which case you could go at it like rabbits and still go to heaven.
But if sex for pleasure was to be properly discouraged you had to go after its companion—lust.
And what was the main cause of lust? The naked body, especially the voluptuous, bewitching, beguiling wicked female body which could ignite uncontrollable passions in the poor simple menfolk and encourage unbridled lust and licentiousness, which would keep them from their work, ruin the economy, depress the stock market and generally bring about the end of the world.
And so it came to pass that nudity too became a sin.
These misogynistic, anti-sex and anti-nudity teachings became firmly rooted in all of the male dominated religions, (an acquaintance of mine calls them SkyGod faiths) where they live on as part of the accepted dogma to this day. Nothing to do with divine revelation. Just good old fashioned control of the masses.
The religions which allow or encourage nudity on the other hand have either evolved from the much older, (possibly neolithic) matriarchal beliefs (which my friend calls Earth mother.religions) or are more modern faiths which are less influenced by historical prejudices and ancient attitudes.
Neo Paganism generally emphasizes the sanctity of the Earth and Nature and usually incorporates the concept of both a male and female deity, with the female principle often deemed to be the more important. Fertility therefore is central to the belief system, and sex—including sex for pleasure—is seen as natural and desirable and is revered as part of the life cycle.
Similarly nakedness is considered to be wholesome and natural, and often forms part of the sacred ritual as it is considered to bring you closer to the divine; indeed, the Goddess herself is often represented in the nude. The body is sacred and extraordinary and is something to be celebrated and respected, and quite rightly so, in my humble opinion.
So now you know why some religions let you get your kit off, and some don’t.

Here endeth the lesson.

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Stay Free at SuperClubs!

SuperClubs, including Grand Lido Braco, Grand Lido Negril, Hedonism II, and Hedonism III has just announced a “Stay for 3 Nights, Pay for 2” promotion.

That’s right. Stay for 3 – pay for 2. Stay for 6 – pay for 4. It’s that simple. For every 3 nights you stay at selected  SuperClubs resorts, they’ll give you one night absolutely free. Rates start at $86 with 3-night stays starting at just $172.

You’ll have to book by October 7, 2009 for travel through September 1 – October 31, 2009 to take advantage of these savings. Some  restrictions apply.

If you’re in the mood for a late summer naturist vacation, why not check out this  great offer?

Details from NFN Travel

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Changes at Grand Lido Braco, Jamaica

There have been lots of rumors going around about the Grand Lido Braco. After an early meeting with management, Aaron & Rhoda Block of  NFN Travel International have confirmed the following resort changes!

  • Beginning November 1, 2009, Grand Lido Braco will be renamed “Breezes Rio Bueno”.
  • The French restaurant will keep the same name and become upscale French/Italian and jackets for men will no longer be required.
  • The streetside Italian restaurant will become the “Starlight Grill” offering Mongolian BBQ for dinner and late night snacks.
  • The Japanese/Sushi and Reggae Cafe will remain the same.
  • Victoria’s Market will offer a buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Room service will only be available for the Au Naturel rooms and the one bedroom rooms on the main side. Room service will come out of the Au Naturel clubhouse which will also offer expanded food service.
  • The current liquor offerings will remain the same but may be upgraded on the Au Naturel side at some point.
  • The Au Naturel side will remain Au Naturel. There are talks about making the Au Naturel side a separate resort with a unique name and one of the names being discussed is “The Village at Rio Bueno”.
  • Management plans to make significant improvements to elevate the amenities and service on the Au Naturel and includes the addition of eight gazebos around the pool area with many more quality umbrellas.
  • There may also be a separate hotel manager responsible for the Au Naturel side.

Management’s goal is to take the Au Naturel side to another level and to be recognized world wide as the premiere resort for Au Naturel vacations.

Grand Lido Braco

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Back at Last!

Hi, I’m back
It’s been some time since I last posted anything to my blog.
I’ve been so involved in updating and publishing the new edition of my book

Nudism and Naturism Guide cover

Nudism and Naturism Guide cover

“The Complete Guide to Nudism & Naturism” ( ISBN-13: 978-0385491679) plus taking a two week Mediterranean cruise that for the first quarter of this year I’ve been virtually incommunicado.
Anyway, the book’s published, the vacation is over, and I’m here back in the harness.
Not too much to report on the nudist front though: the news in the UK is dominated by swine flu and the scandal of MP’s expenses: the first issue is potentially too alarming and the other is just too shabby for even me to put a nudist swing on.
One thing did catch my eye, though.
According to Herald.ie, an Irish website, online bookers Hotels.com have nominated two Irish beaches amongst the world’s top ten nudist beaches. I have to say that I’ve been unable to find any reference to this on hotels.com website, but I hope it’s true, as one of the beaches is the delightfully named “Inch Beach”!
Must be the cold!

See the article here.


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