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It’s Just A Fanny, But What Should We Call It?

young woman panties question markThere was a great photo on social media recently of a young lady taking part in a naked bike ride with the slogan “It’s just a fanny” scrawled across her torso.

Let me say right away that I admire her attitude, share her sentiments and envy her boldness. I get the message, and I wish I’d done it first—ideally some years ago, when the medium was still tightly framed.
It is a striking image in several ways: the nudity, the attractiveness of the girl and the public setting all contribute to the potency of the photograph. However, I suspect that much of its impact lies in the use of the word fanny.
Because, even today when bad language is commonplace, and even in the context of a mass nude event, an explicit reference to a vagina still causes an element of cultural discomfort.
The problem is you see, we ladies have no socially acceptable way of referring to our nether regions. Continue reading