The Complete Guide to Nudism Naturism & Nudists

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about nudists and nudism but didn’t know who to ask!

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The complete Gudie to Nudism coverThe Complete Guide to Nudism Naturism & Nudists by Liz and James Egger is crammed full with all the information, facts, insights, experiences and “insider” tips that you won’t get elsewhere but which you’ll find invaluable if you want to experience, or just understand nudism or naturism.

Now in its third edition, with sound advice and information for single men, ladies, married couples, and parents with young children, as well as sections on nudism and health, travel, nudist etiquette, the law and much much more, this is the complete reference book for everyone contemplating a nudist experience.


What’s Inside!

Chapter 1. Naturism: An Introduction.
What nudism is and what it isn’t (and why the newspapers always get it wrong!). The different types of nudists. Nudist facts and figures. How international nudism is organised and administered. The nudist holiday industry.

Chapter 2. A History Of Nudity.
We chart the history of human nudity from the stone age to the internet age and all the periods in between. Just who were history’s greatest nudists? And who had the most anti-nudity taboos? Find out what inspired the nudist revolution and follow the fascinating rise of the modern nudist movement from its beginnings in the early years of the 20th century to the present day.

Chapter 3. Twelve Good Reasons To Become A Nudist!
If you’ve ever wanted to know why perfectly sane people take off their clothes for pleasure, you’ll find the answers here. Twelve completely sound reasons for doing something bizarre. But be warned! If, you’re reading this book out of mere curiosity about the nudist lifestyle this chapter may get you ripping off your clothes and heading for the beach!

Chapter 4. Where To Go Bare.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single male, a female a couple or a family group, whether you belong to a club or whether you’re a nervous first time day-stripper, there are literally thousands of places for you to get naked with others, including some you’ve never thought of. (How about fine dining in a country house where all the guests are naked ?) This chapter gives you the low down on them all.

Chapter 5. Does Naturism Equal Sex?
Are all nudists sex-maniacs? Or are they purer than the driven snow? Is nudism another name for “swinging”? What about paedophiles and other perverts? Just what is the place of sex in nudism? This chapter reveals all.

Chapter 6. Does Naturism Violate Christian Beliefs?
Can committed Christians become nudists without betraying their faith? Do the Christian teachings forbid public nudity? Just what do Jesus and the Bible say about nudity? The answers may surprise you.

Chapter 7. Naturism and the Law.
Is nudism illegal? Will you feel the long arm of the law as soon as you shed your clothes? Well, maybe. And maybe not. Make sure you stay out of hot water by reading this chapter!

Chapter 8. Naturism And The Single Man.
Why do single men have such a hard time gaining acceptance into the nudist community? What can you do to overcome the barriers? Where are the best places for a single man to get naked? And need you worry about erections? Getting into nudism can be difficult for a single male, but don’t despair! We’ll tell you everything you need to know to join the nudist fun!

Chapter 9. Naturism and Ladies.
Don’t they know that it’s different for girls? This section has been written by a lady nudist and deals with those aspects of naturism that are of particular interest to the girls. Starting with her own introduction to naturism, she goes on to examine the subjects of shyness, poor body image, “feminine problems,” physical difficulties, safety, security, sexual harassment and feminine sexuality. A must read for every lady naturist, this chapter will help you overcome your natural doubts and fears.

Chapter 10. Nudism, Spouses, Partners And Relationships.
What effect does naturism have on a relationship? How do you ask your partner to try naturism with you? What about the issues of trust, jealousy and possessiveness? How will it affect your most intimate relations? This chapter explores all of these issues.

Chapter 11. Nudism And Children.
If you have young children, you’ll be wondering about the wisdom or otherwise of introducing them to naturism. But just how real are the dangers and how accurate is the research? Is it safe to practice nudism with young children or not?. Every nudist parent will want to read this chapter.

Chapter 12. Nude Health.
We’ve all heard about the problems of solar radiation, but just how real are the dangers? Might the experts have got it wrong? What does the very latest research indicate? Also, find out about the four types of danger that affect nudists, and how to avoid them.

Chapter 13. Taking The Plunge!
So you’ve made up your mind to go naturist. Now what? This chapter walks you through each step, from deciding what sort of nudist you are to choosing the right club for you. It tells you exactly what to do and when to do it.

Chapter 14. Etiquette Matters.
Nudists have developed a set of unofficial “rules” to make life more pleasant for everybody. Get them wrong and you could end up with a red face – or a black eye! But read this chapter and you’ll avoid any embarrassment.

Chapter 15. Frequently Asked Questions.
Here we answer the 15 most frequently asked questions about nudism, including some that aren’t covered elsewhere in the book. A sort of fast track to nudism.

Chapter 16. Case Histories.
Here ordinary nudists tell their stories in their own words. This cross- section includes single men, single women,married and same-sex couples.

Appendix 1. Glossary
Like most activities naturism has its own vocabulary which can frequently baffle the newcomer. Don’t stand out as a nudie newbie – read this chapter and you won’t be lost for words.

Appendix 2. What to take with you.
A complete packing list of everything you need to make your nudist trip a success. Remember that many nudist locations are in remote areas, so read this and don’t get caught short!

Appendix 3. References Links And Resources.
Finally we send you on your way with a selection of carefully chosen links to nudist websites and other resources that will help you along your nudist road and provide you with additional information to assist your journey. From nudist beaches to nudist books, it’s all here!

Discover secret tips and strategies!

Tips for everyone.

  • Why regularly taking off your clothes outdoors can save your life!
  • The one fashion accessory that we all wear in the sun that can actually cause us to burn.
  • The one thing you should never ask another nudist.
  • One thing every nudist should always have with them. Leave this behind and you won’t be welcome at a nudist venue.

Tips for ladies.

  • How leaving off this commonly worn item of clothing may decrease your risk of some cancers by 125 times!
  • Just what is the “single nudist lady’s best kept secret”, and why do they want to keep it to themselves?
  • Body less than a perfect “10”? Prepare for some good news!

Tips for single men.

  • How to “fast track” your  nudist club membership application and how to virtually guarantee you’ll be accepted!.
  • The fashion accessory you should never wear, especially on your first visit to a new club.
  • Exactly where you can meet nudist ladies for friendship and dating.
  • What is the likelihood of an unintentional erection? And just what should you do if it happens?
  • Does “size” really matter in a nudist environment?

Tips for parents.

  • When to introduce the kids to nudism (and when not to.)
  • The hidden dangers of beach nudism.
  • What the experts say about children and naturism? Should you trust their opinion?

And much, much more!

The Complete Guide to Nudism Naturism & Nudists is the most comprehensive book about nudism ever written. Whether you’re ready to try the nudist lifestyle yourself or whether you just want to find out more about this burgeoning leisure phenomenon, you owe it to yourself to get the facts. This amazing new book lifts the lid off the nudist world in a unique way and gives you a peek behind the scenes of the world’s fastest growing leisure pursuit.

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