Yet another beach closure due to “fake naturist” behaviour

The Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin announced today that the nude beach near Mazomanie would be shut down on weekdays. The DNR said that the move was to combat the growing menace of so-called nudists having public sex and doing drugs in the woods.

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My last three posts have been about closures and clampdowns due to the behaviour of people who I refer to as “fake naturists”, ( ie. the sex, swinging and flashing crowd who have hijacked our movement.)
I’m really, really, disappointed, and more than a little tired of fighting against these people. Am I fighting a lost cause? Does anybody else care? Or am I doomed to become a solitary nudist, restricted to the confines of my own back garden, having relinquished control of the beaches and resorts to the fakes?
Let me know your thoughts.

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